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Limit number of snapshots artifacts stored in Artifactory

Limit number of snapshots artifacts stored in Artifactory


If your Artifactory installation grows of many Gb each day – althought you do not deploy so many new artifacts. I suggest you to look under the repositories settings.

All your local repositories are configured as default with Snapshot Version Behavior = Non-Unique. As stated in the manual, all deployed SNAPSHOTS with be keep with unique time-stamp and build number suffix in the background (and you’ll only see one version in the tree).

I recommend you to switch to Non-Unique. In that mode Artifactory should only keep the N latest Snapshot of an groupid/artifact/name file.  So you’ll be able to keep the repository size under control.



  • Deployer-respecting behaviorArtifactory will respect the user snapshot policy, i.e. act as a standard, non-smart, repository.
  • Non-unique snapshots –  You can limit the number of saved artifacts in this mode
  • Unique snapshots – with unique time-stamp and build number suffix. This keep potentially all your SNAPSHOTS even if they are not recently been accessed (Nexus has a cleanup policy by last access)


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