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Latest hashcash, akocomment, akobook code commited

I have just committed the latest code Hashcash 1.0 and 3rd party components AkoComment, Akobook from Arthur Konze to (cvs tag: v01_00_00)

I have also

  • Created a new administrator component for security images (GNU/GPL release).  com_securityimages, done and tested
  • Modified successfuly AkoComment and AkoBook, done and tested
  • Create an admin panel-> not tested. It is really a pain to create stunning admin backend panel….

I will soon publish this code to mamboforge, maybe in a new project. Only problem, by designing Mambo framework components, I still have a strong dependencies tree:

com_akobook and com_akocomment required com_hashcash and com_securityimages required com_log4php

So it is pretty difficult to maintain version number across 5 components (with 2 not being mine) and make new version of each without going through testing and bulk delivery (all five together)

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