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Geshi now support Apache Ant scripts!

I’ve created (based on ant.dtd) the php configuration file for GeSHi. It was done quite fast asuming that You’re using the right tool: It was done in 10 minute by taking java.php as example and using the UNIX command grep (, and Jedit ( for its SORT text plugin and power of regular expression

Now GeSHi is able to highlight automatically your precious Apache ANT scripts (more than 300 keywords)

Note: Jedit is recognizing 134 different languages, if YOu have some spare time… Beside the Ant scripts on my page (Java section) are now correctly displayed 😉

Installation: just drop the file apacheAnt.php (see my download section) in your geshi directory beside the others configuration file. In Mambo it should be in \mambots\content\geshi\geshi


Type in html text view
<pre lang="apacheant">
<target name="deploy apache" depends="cst eclipse">
<antcall target="deploy tasks">
<param name="source" value="${cvs}/${Tomcat}/${application}"/>
<param name="dest.dir" value="${deploy.tomcat.htdocs.dir}"/>
<param name="pattern.set" value="tomcat.htdocs.files"/>
<param name="exists" value="deploy.tomcat.htdocs.dir"/>
<param name="action" value="copy"/>
<param name="clear" value="true"/>



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