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Failure of Decentralisation and Immutability and the Potential Consequences of the Ethereum Hard Fork on It’s Ecosystem


This talk will be about why complete Decentralization and Immutability matter for public block chains, and why it is impossible to have one without the other. This will be used as the basis to discuss the consequences of the recent Ethereum Hard Fork, and what it could mean for the viability and integrity of the platform and its dapp developers.


Avtar has a PhD in Theoretical Physics and research experience in computational engineering.  Since leaving academia Avtar has held leadership positions in investment banking and consulting, specializing in quantitative finance, risk management, technology, and product management. Avtar is now the founder, CEO and chief product architect in Nivaura, a company developing digital platform solutions to manage the full lifecycle of decentralized smart financial assets.

What is a replay attack?

  • How can I prevent that from happening to me 
  • How do I get my ETC and where do I store it 
  • Legal case and opportunity

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