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Developpers: Running Mambo into eclipse with no effort

Developpers: Running Mambo into eclipse with no effort


  • Eclipse is free, eclipse has a very good plugin for PHP development: PHPeclipse.
  • Eclipse is working nicely with CVS (concurent versionning system), this is a good way to version any data on your production site.(pictures, configuration files, even mysql database etc…)
  • Eclipse is working nicely with ANT, a kind of make, it can help for automating deployment of your site or automating some tasks
  • Debugging, css, html validation, a way to look and version your work.


  • Make sense if You’re a developer or really want to version Your internet page.
  • Heavy approach: need to start #Eclipse to "play" with Your Site locally
  • Need to install CVS under windows (a pain)

  1. Download eclipse from and install normally (it is a windows application): recommended e:\eclipse
  2. Download PHPeclipse from and install normally (it is a windows application)
  3. Install a Java Development Kit from recommended is jdk1.4.2_06
  4. Uncompress (download in in download section Mambo) on a windows drive E: recommended in E:/Mambo/ contains:
    A ready to use eclipse workspace.
    Apache 1.3.33, PHP 4.3.10, MySql 4.1.9 et phpMyAdmin 2.6.1.
  5. Copy my.ini into c:\windows\
  6. Open the batch file startEclipseMambo.bat and change the location of jdk and eclipse binary (change accordingly what is in bold)
    E:\eclipse\bin\r3.0\eclipse.exe -vm C:\j2sdk1.4.2_06\bin\javaw.exe -data "E:\Mambo" -showlocation
  7. Start eclipse by running the file startEclipseMambo.bat
  8. Copy Your data:
    You already have a Mambo siteYou do not have any Mambo site
    Copy Your entire internet page (everything under the root (/)) with FTP
    under E:/Mambo/httpdocs/
    Copy Mambo from and decompress zip file into
    Start MySQL and Apache (see point 10.)
    Point Your browser to http://localhost/installation/ and follow instruction
  9. If it is a fresh or a existing installation, in any case You must adapt the path in E:/Mambo/httpdocs/configuration.php
    $mosConfig_absolute_path = ‘E:/Mambo/httpdocs/’;
    $mosConfig_live_site = ‘http://localhost/’;

    $mosConfig_cachepath = ‘E:/Mambo/httpdocs/cache’;
  10. Start MySQL and Apache by clicking on each icon in eclipse
  11. If one of the component do no start correctly, verify the settings of PHPeclipse under the menu Windows – Preferences- PHPeclipse Web Development or look in the logs file (E:\Mambo\apache\logs\error.log)
  12. Point Your browser to
  • http://localhost/mysql/ for starting the phpmyadmin admin console
  • http://localhost/ for your site

Contact me or post coments if You need help. Soon install CVS under Windows or Linux Suse


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