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Apache Maven copy local file to a remote server server using SSH

Apache Maven copy local file to a remote server server using SSH

I will show you in an Apache #Maven configuration file how to copy files to server each time the package phase is executed.

Solution with Ant SCP task

This snippet of code is a ready to use code that make use of Apache Ant task scp, Just put this snippet of code in your #Maven module where the assembly is executed or anywhere else to push all tar.gz files to a server just run a #maven mvn package, you can add as many ant task and push to many server the same file during the reactor build.

                    <echo message="Push to server/home/"/>
                    <scp trust="yes" todir="user:[email protected]:/home/">
                        <fileset dir="${basedir}/target">
                            <include name="**/*.tar.gz"/>

Solution with #maven-deploy-plugin

The #maven-deploy-plugin allows you to configure the deploy phase to deploy to a server using scp. There is a page in the documentation that describes how it can be done.

Deploy #maven artifact using Maven Wagon SCP

Another alternative would be to use Maven Wagon SCP like described in this post for example

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