Official version of nginx for Ubuntu Precise is 1.1.19 but the latest available stable version is 1.2.8 (Changes), In this post I will present you how to update to the latest available version.

Thanks to Ondřej Surý,&160; maintainer for some Debian packages, you can have the latest PHP5 maintained by Debian PKG PHP Team in Ubuntu Precise, Quantal , and Lucid.

Just run as root the following to use nginx

add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/nginx
apt-get update apt-get upgrade apt-get dist-upgrade

You can check that everything went fine

# dpkg -l | grep nginx
ii nginx        1.2.8-1~precise+1 
ii nginx-common 1.2.8-1~precise+1
ii nginx-full 1.2.8-1~precise+1
List of Changes with nginx 1.2

More at

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