RC helicopter

rc helicopter categoryRadio Control Helicopters

Kyosho Caliber 30

kyosho caliber 30 categoryThe Caliber 30 is Equipped with a 2-step belt reduction system, which is successful CALIBER60 technology that realized high efficiency drive, and reducing mechanical noise and vibration. It exceeded the flight performance in 30-class GP Helicopters. EMS and MMS are available by changing the included servo plate. No extra costs necessary. The Caliber 30 is also able to change position of the Main Rotor Grip for more comfortable machine performance and the Direct Rudder Control allows 180-degree Auto-Rotation.

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THE RC Helicopter Checklists  All credits to http://www4.linknet.net/fritztcat/index.html  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Translated from english by:Walter Cédric version 25.03.2002
Note du traducteur: Il est grandement profitable de connaitre tous les termes techniques en anglais se rattachant aux modèles d&39;helicoptère radiocommandés. Sans l&39;anglais, point de salut.


electronic categoryElectronic


Techniques and references document on RC helicopter

Gensmantel Heaven

1996 - the first Heaven Heli is born. Gensmantel originally co-developed the ECO 8 for Icarus. Shortly afterwards around 1996, the first Gensmantel RC electric helicopter was available on the market, the Heaven. At this time there was not a lot of helicopters on the market, and the Heaven is similar to the "legendary" ECO 8 in some points. The "wobbly" chassis of the ECO 8 of Icarus, was at that time repeatedly criticized, but the Gensmantel "Heaven" was not.

Robbe Moskito XXL (sold)

robbe moskito XXL categoryMoskito XXL is a heavy 50 class helicopter built with the technology of 1994, too expensive, difficult to maintain, it is no more sold since 2000...

Thunder Tiger Raptor 60

thunder tiger raptor 60 categoryFrom the drawing board of world famous Shegitada Taya and the ultra-modern manufacturing facility of Thunder Tiger Corporation comes the big brother to the Raptor 30, the Raptor 60.

Thunder Tiger Raptor 30

thunder tiger raptor 30 categoryProvide the entry-level helicopter pilot a stable learning platform while satisfying what the 3D pilots asked for. The rapid cyclic response makes it possible for the 3D pilot to execute crisp maneuvers like the Tic-Toc, Chaos, Death Spirals, and even more...

Thunder Tiger Raptor 46

thunder tiger raptor 46 categoryThe Raptor 50 is nothing more than a modified and upgraded Raptor 30. It was created to reduce the gap between the inexpensive Raptor 30 and the larger Raptor 60 while staying affordable...

Thunder Tiger eRaptor

thunder tiger eraptor 30 categoryThunder Tiger eRaptor

Draganflyer - Roswell flyer

Draganflyer - Roswell flyer

Micro Heli MS Hornet 2

Micro Heli MS Hornet 2

Simulator Realflight G2

Simulator Realflight G2

Kyosho Caliber 5

Kyosho latest 50-Class Helicopter Caliber 5

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