Scooters from 1950

robotscategory 8 years of work: restoring old scooters from the 50's. I've done everything from A to Z: among other: mechanics, painting, electricity...At the culminant point of this hobby, I was having in my garage:

  • 4 Solex (model 3800 - 5000 - 2200)
  • 2 Vespa V55 125 ccm
  • 1 Vespa 50ccm
  • 1 Vespa GT 1962 125ccm
  • 1 Terrot Skipper 49ccm
  • 1 Terrot 125ccm
  • 1 Manurhin SM75 75ccm
  • 1 Bernardet E51 125ccm
  • 2 Lambretta Ld57 125ccm
Now (2005) I only Have the best 2 models: Bernardet E51 and Manurhin SM75

Manurhin SM75

manurhinsm75 category Au milieu des années 50, la Manurhin (Manufacture de Machines du Haut-Rhin) est surtout connue par ses productions d'armes, munitions, machines-outils et appareils de contrôle. Programme assez vaste pour que semble étrange l'intérêt porté par cette entreprise à un domaine nouveau : la production de scooters.

Bernardet E51

bernardetE51 category Moteur Bernardet, deux temps, 125 cm3
4 vitesses au pied gauche
Puissance 6 CV à 4000 tr/mn
Suspension avant à roue tirée et anneaux Neiman
Suspension arrière par anneaux Neiman
Freins à tambour (110 mm)

Bernardet Cabri 50ccm

bernardetCabri categoryLe Cabri, modèle de scooter individuel véritablement révolutionnaire, sort en juillet 1954. C'est un cyclo-scooter à petites roues chaussées en 3 x 8", ne pesant que 34 kg. Un gros tube de 45 mm de diamètre sert d'ossature ; y sont fixés le tablier en tôle et la plate-forme repose-pieds en aluminium.


velosolex categoryVelosolex is a French manufacturer of mopeds, based in Paris, France. Founded at the turn of the last century, Velosolex manufactured centrifugal radiators, carburetors, and micrometers, before branching into mopeds and bicycles. Owned successively by Renault, Motobécane, and MBK, Velosolex sold more than 7 million mopeds before ceasing production in 1988. The name has been revived under the direction of the founder's son, and Velosolex is once again producing mopeds. [WikiPedia]


vespa categoryVespa 1954
The Vespa is a line of motor scooters that was first manufactured in Genoa, Italy in 1946 by Piaggio & Co, S.p.A. Piaggio continues to manufacture the Vespa today, although the Vespa was a much more prevalent vehicle in the 1950s and 60s when it became the adopted vehicle of choice for the UK youth-culture known as Mods, and later Skinheads. The classic Vespas had unibody chassis pressed from sheets of steel, with bodywork covering the legs for protection from rain and mud. [WikiPedia]

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